Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mason's Amber Lake Farm, A February Photo Essay.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit Aaron and Kathy Mason's farm out on Amber Lake.

Amber Lake Sunset 1

Barn Cat Stalker

A barn cat stalks me as I scope out shots.


Dove 2

Male Lamb

This little male lamb was born some time this week.

Twin girls

These two females were also born this last week. They're dramatically smaller.

Amber Lake Sunset 2

Amber Lake Windmill

Amber Lake Sunset 3

Amber Lake sunset 4

Amber Lake Sunset 5

Amber Lake Sunset 6

Amber Lake sunset 7

Amber Lake sunset 8

Amber Lake sunset 9

Amber Lake Sunset 12

Amber Lake Sunset 11

Amber Lake Sunset 12

Sunset on frozen Amber Lake

The lake was frozen, but we wouldn't trust it. Kathy Mason told me that she and her little boy listen to the popping and cracking ice. She says it's quite dramatic.

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