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Know someone interesting who lives in the area and blogs?
Know someone boring who blogs?
In order for us to get the full picture of life on the West Plains of Eastern Washington, we need many points of view.

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3.14159--Meg is a Cheney pie lover. And a displaced physicist.

Blog | Andrew Zahler A digital journalist from Eastern Washington living in Washington D.C.

The Cows are Watching--Local adventurer Dave McMillin reports on his outdoor escapades and venturesome news from the world.

EWU Bookstore News--Regularly updated blogs with entries about championship gear, hours and other interesting tidbits.

The Idiot Speaketh--Cheney blog about the Idiot family.

In Your Hands-- Eastern student Querida Meyer is trekking her way through the world and it's endless opportunities using her faith in Jesus Christ.

Just South of North--Two Eastern grads share a love for northwest sports and quirky humor.

Keeping the Lamps Burning-- The Rostel family homeschooling blog.

The Palouse Guy--Gary Hamburgh's tips and thoughts on photography.

Reflections of a White Girl in Kenya-- Cheney High School grad Hannah Stevens is a young missionary serving in Africa.

"God’s called us here to serve the orphans and widows and to empower the church here to BE the church and reach out to the least of these.  Everyday I’m striving to live by the Spirit and live this life of faith."
Truth, Fiction, and Faith--Author Amy Meyer's blog about God's truth and the fiction she loves writing so much.