Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blizzard Blankets West Plains.

South Hill, Spokane--View from Cheney
South Hill--Spokane, View from Cheney
Northern Hill, Cheney
Northeastern Hill, Cheney-- to the right as you head to the freeway on 904.
Betz Elementary and middle of Cheney

Self Portrait-Blizzard
Condensation from my breath froze to my hair. It was 10 degrees with wind gusts up to 25. During my trek, two motorists stopped to ask if I needed a ride. They must have figured that only crazy people would be out
taking pictures.
Geoff Meyer ties a bandana to his face to protect against the blizzard conditions while snow blowing. Adding to the Blizzard
Adding to the Blizzard
Geoff Meyer blows snow in 10 degrees.

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