Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ride Around Washington

Ride Around Washington, who like to call themselves RAW, camped in Cheney at Betz Elementary on August 8, 2012. Charles Ruthford, with Cascade Bicycle Club, said that 250 cyclists and 25 volunteers started the week in Chewelah on Saturday and averaged about 70 miles per day.
The week's route headed from Chewelah down Flowery Trail Road through Usk, Newport and then down to Spirit Lake. Then the trail dropped even farther south around Hayden Lake down to Palouse and then Pullman. The road eventually brought the cyclists up to Cheney, where they will leave at 10 a.m. on August 9 for Spokane on their way back to Chewelah.

The six days costs around $900 per person. It includes bicycle support, three meals a day, hot showers, massages and transport of camping equipment. It also provides electricity to charge phones and other equipment.
This mobile shower has also been available for showers for firefighters in the past. The catering company provides a less heartier meal for the cyclists, since they don't need the same amount of calories cycling as a firefighter does fighting wildfires. This shower unit was hooked up to the fire hydrant in front of the elementary school.

Many of the riders leave around 6 a.m. and make camp in late morning or early afternoon.

The tents were like a mini-city, complete with access to bathrooms and water. Notice the clothes hanging in the tree?

Randy Furukawa, with the Washington Sports Massage Team, said that they treat about 20 people a day, primarily for neck, shoulders and back strain due to cyclists holding the weight of their heads as they ride.

This is one of two trucks used to transport equipment between camps. The Palouse camp was prior to Cheney and the group stayed there two nights.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I drew this! Perhaps I'll set up my creative blog to receive mobile, but for today, It'll be news.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The view from my room.
Most of my readers have been following me on Facebook and won't be surprised to hear about a new role I acquired at a new job, The Easterner.
In order to "Hit the ground running," I have flown to Minneapolis for the Associated Collegiate Press's summer workshop.
I ate breakfast in Cheney, lunch in Phoenix and dinner in Minneapolis.
My colleague and I were greeted in high style yesterday. When we arrived at the dorms, so did three fire trucks and a police car. False alarm, thank goodness.
Today's session was a short course in newsroom management.
While my big, albeit, irrelevant question is unanswered, I can say that I'm on the right track.
I know that's not saying much that is new or enlightening, but I'm processing still. I'm learning lots.
The view from my room is of the University of Minnesota Medical Center. I was blessed with a corner room with two windows.
Tomorrow I hope to tell you about Starbucks' sparrows.

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