Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to WA@2.4K'

What's going on in your community on a day-by-day basis?
Wish you had somewhere to share your photos with your neighborhood? To share information anonymously?
WA@2.4K' is a blog with exactly that in mind.

True democracy is allowing the people to decide, to vote, to voice, to squabble back and forth with ideas until the best solutions float to the top.

This is a place for you, the citizens of the West Plains in Washington, those folks who live around 2400 feet, to find all your news, tweets and area blogs in one spot. This is also where you can report, comment and react to your world.

Let me know how I'm doing at any time by dropping me a line:

Amy Meyer,
Journalist-in-training at Eastern Washington University

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