Friday, January 28, 2011

Interview with Kenny Kemper from "Welcome to Cheney."

Eastern Washington University’s recent triumph over the Blue Hens has been a great thing for Cheney resident Kenny Kemper. He starred in a Campus Crusade for Christ (“Cru”) video featuring “Welcome to Cheney,” a two-year-old song by his previous band named Jehovah’s Whiteness in parody.

The five-year resident played the song for friends until Cru music leader Joe Vidot heard it. He needed a project for his sound production class and produced Kemper’s music on campus.

This year Cru selected Spokane for the location of its winter conference and Jason Randles, Cru staff member at EWU, as the master of ceremonies. Randles decided to use Kemper’s song in a video to introduce himself and where he was from.

Kemper says his music is influenced by secular rock, The Strokes and Brand New. Currently he’s into Ace Troubleshooter, Jars of Clay, DCtalk and old Audio Adrenaline.

If you’d like to hear more of Kemper’s music, go to Multiplexer’s Facebook page, Jehovah’s Whiteness’s Myspace page, and Vessel on Myspace Music.

If you missed "Welcome to Cheney," scroll down to the bottom of this post.

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