Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mail Carrier, or just a job?

Through rain, sleet or snow, the mail carrier is always reliable....or are they? I have had recent experiences that say not so much. Sure, they can deliver the mail, but when it comes to actually picking up the mail you leave out, they are not so reliable.

I have left mail out and nine times out of ten, they pick it up. However, the last three times they just left it there. I contacted the Postal Service, and they told me that they don't have to stop if there is no mail to be delivered, even if your little red flag is up that tells them that there is mail to be picked up. I mean, it's their job, right? At least it used to be. The Post Office went on to tell me that some of the "old school" mail carriers will stop if they see mail clipped to the outside of the mail box, or the red flag is up.

So, whats the point of putting this out if they wont take it? I mean, what if you are someone who can't make it to the Post Office and you have a very important piece of mail? It will just sit there until you have mail for them to deliver, that's what! It is frustrating that they can't just look over and see if there is mail to be picked up, it's job security.

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